KSYA Membership

The Kent and Sharpshooters Yeomanry Association is descended from our distinguished forebears of the Kent Yeomanry from 1793 and Imperial Yeomanry (Sharpshooters) from 1899/1900. Membership is open to all serving and retired members who have served in any of our predecessor regiments. The Association exists to maintain the ‘esprit de corps’, comradeship and welfare of the Kent and Sharpshooters Yeomanry thereby helping to improve the efficiency of the army.


Membership for serving officers and soldiers is free although a voluntary annual donation of £20.00 (or whatever sum is affordable) is encouraged. This sum is used in part to contribute to the cost of producing the annual Sharpshooter Journal with the balance used to provide welfare support to both serving and retired members of the Association. Retired members are also encouraged to donate £20 per annum or whatever sum they can afford.

Why you should join your association

The Association reflects the ‘family’ nature of the Sharpshooters which has been going since the Boer War but was really established with the formation of the ‘Gin and Tears’ Club in 1942/43. It has carried on since then and directly supports both serving squadrons, the RYRA and RSigs associations and, wider military charities. We exist not only to preserve the traditions of the Kent and Sharpshooters Yeomanry but also to provide charitable support for both serving and past members. The Association has a Support to Ops team that provides ‘goody boxes’ to Sharpshooters on deployment and also supports families of soldiers deployed at home. We also work with SSAFA, the Royal British Legion and other military and civilian charitable organisations. The Association also publishes a Journal once a year which is widely considered to be one of the best Regimental Journals around both within the regiment and externally to our supporters in and out of the Army.

How to join

Please download and complete the membership form and email it together with a passport sized photograph to the Membership Secretary of the Association electronically at the following address: membershipsec@sharpshooters.org.uk

Alternatively complete the form by hand and send it to:

The Membership Secretary KSYA
C/O Sharpshooter House
Army Reserve Centre
Mitcham Road
Surrey CR0 3RU

A membership card will be sent to all eligible applicants.

If you wish to make a voluntary donation then please complete a standing order for whatever donation you wish to make (£20.00 pa is the recommended amount) at whatever frequency you wish. If you are employed you should complete a Gift Aid tax form and send it to your tax office. This will enable the Association to claim tax relief adding an extra 22% to your donation.

Data Protection

All data provided will be used solely for the purposes of an individual joining the Association and maintaining membership details. The Association may share your address with a third party for the purposes of ensuring that the Journal is sent to the correct address .No other personal data will be passed to third parties for anyother purposes without your explicit agreement.

How do I leave

If at any stage you do not want remain a member of the Association all that we ask is that you notify us so that we can remove you from the any distribution lists that you may be included on.

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